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Wish for something outrageous


Sea Passionates

Bodrum Genie offers you the most enjoyable moments of the blue, with our special services. You Mayıs wish to spend your day fishing or you might be interested in sailing in open sea. You can experience water sports or explore Bodrum’s bays while diving. What about enjoying unique experiences with Bodrum Genie which offers daily getaway cruises.

Luxury Villas

We are here to help you find the level of luxury you seek. Just let us know whether you prefer good location, popular destination or hidden away. We Mayıs get your private butler, and private chef to be at your disposal.

Lifestyle Management

Do you have a holiday plan in Bodrum, and looking for a practical and reliable way to create your schedule? Bodrum Genie does it all for you! From the first to the last minute of your journey. Contact us for all your needs, from private flights to private events, Oda & Kişi Sayıları s, dinner reservations, personal chefs, butlers etc. Just enjoy Bodrum and your vacation we’ll take care of everything else.


Workshop design & management specialized in the field of design, project development, construction and project management.

Events & Organizations

Bodrum Genie Team is here for you to create unforgettable moments. Mayıs it be concerts, parties, weddings, workshops or business events; Bodrum Genie will make sure to fulfill all your expectations, and beyond.

Electric Boats

Electric boats powered and propelled by the most powerful electric technologies. Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as The Canadian Electric Boat Company, is the only electric boat manufacturer to use lithium and also the only electric boat company to offer long duration warranty and high technology products. Lithium batteries, Cruise electric motors, High performance motors.

Marine Delivery Services

Whatever you need, wherever you are...
You deserve to make the most out of your holiday, so why spend your precious time for anything else? Let us handle your wishes while you are off the shore.

& more

Day Cruising
Water Sport

— Sea Passionates

Trekking & Cycling
Jeep Safari
Historic Tours
Golfer Day
Tangerine Story
Gourmet Day

— Experiences

Hotel & Restaurant Reservations
Personel Butler & Personel Trainer
Private Security
Valet Service
Transfer & Rentals
Private Jet

— Concierge Services


— Events & Organizations
Your wish is my command.
Today, travelers are seeking authentic experiences that can deliver treasured memories for themselves and their families. These affluent global explorers crave more than branded luxury can offer. Bodrum Genie is the curator of the Bodrum’s most enriching and desirable destination experiences, the key that unlocks some of the most authentic locales. We create collectable memories , designed custom experiences for every guest specially.
You can see that around the peninsula there is no limits with our services. We are here to assist you with hundreds of different services from restaurant reservation, airport transfer, car rental reservation to unique experiences such as jeep safari, Tangerine Story, workshops, historic tours, private parties and many more. You can even reserve a personal butler to take care of your errands during your vacation. And the magic is, you can do it all with just a phone call or text message.

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